Give a Shit about Nature debuted on facebook in March of 2012 as an advocacy page for environmental issues. Doing right by your community and the planet through personal action has always been the main focus. In the face of a changing climate and insecure energy futures, it has become imperative that we each have a stake in the conservation and proper management of our shared resource.

The GASAN store was opened to offer products at the lowest possible price to decrease your footprint on the planet. Reusable bags keep plastic bags out of the ocean. Faucet aerators help you decrease your water use. LED light bulbs can reduce your lighting costs by 85%. Each little step you take adds up in a big way.

To further our commitment to the environment, every order received will result in the planting of ten trees through the charity Trees for the Future. 

We thank you for your business, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at hi@giveashitaboutnature.com!