Easy ways to save water now! April 07 2013

Many areas of the United States are experiencing drought. The Mississippi River is at record lows, aquifers are drying up fast, and the Colorado River peters out 90 miles before reaching the Gulf of California. California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming all pull from the Colorado River; all of us in the western US contribute to this ecological problem. There are inexpensive and easy to install products you can use in your home to help use our shared resources wisely.

The .5 Gallon Per Minute Faucet Aerator is the cheapest and easiest way to conserve. It only costs $2, easily installs onto most faucets and can cut back the amount of water your faucet uses by 77%. For the average family, that's 14,000 gallons! 

The 1.25 Gallon Per Minute Showerhead is pressure compensating, so while it uses 50% less water than the average showerhead, it comes out of the showerhead with the same force. $6 cuts your showering costs in half, saving your family up to 7,000 gallons of water a year!

The Navy Shower On/Off Valve is a genius device. After getting your hair wet, flip the switch to decrease the flow of water while you soap and lather, then flip the switch again to return the flow to full volume. It's hard to estimate how much water this device saves, but in the fight for sustainable water use, every gallon counts.

All together, the average American uses between 70 and 300 gallons of water a day. We can begin to reduce that number and take better care of our planet.