August: 33,700 trees planted September 16 2013

The totals are in! For the month of August, we had 33,700 trees planted, making it the biggest month yet! Click here to check out the tree planting project Trees for the Future manages.

GASAN partners with CSU! May 25 2013

Give a Shit about Nature´╗┐ is proud to announce a donation of 470 water-saving faucet aerators to Colorado Springs Utilities´╗┐, to be installed in low-income homes. This donation will save as many as 6 million gallons of water and $13,000 for low income families annually. The .5 GPM faucet aerator is a tiny device that has the potential for a big impact on how much water and natural gas our families use.

This work is supported directly by all of you. We couldn't have made this donation without your support. Consider picking up a t-shirt or a shower head to continue this kind of work.

10,000 trees! April 24 2013

Give a Shit about Nature, in partnership with Trees for the Future, has passed the 10,000 tree mark. Each time an order is placed, be it a shirt or a showerhead, 20 trees will be planted. 

Since 1989, Trees for the Future has planted more than 80 million trees in 20 countries all over the world. These trees not only help the economic vitality of the communities they're planted in, but it undos the damages of rampant deforestation. Give a Shit about Nature is commited to doing better business and having as positive of an effect as possible on the world.

What are now only tiny saplings will one day be mighty trees, and it has been made possible by our customers. With your continued support, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Easy ways to save water now! April 07 2013

Many areas of the United States are experiencing drought. The Mississippi River is at record lows, aquifers are drying up fast, and the Colorado River peters out 90 miles before reaching the Gulf of California. California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming all pull from the Colorado River; all of us in the western US contribute to this ecological problem. There are inexpensive and easy to install products you can use in your home to help use our shared resources wisely.

The .5 Gallon Per Minute Faucet Aerator is the cheapest and easiest way to conserve. It only costs $2, easily installs onto most faucets and can cut back the amount of water your faucet uses by 77%. For the average family, that's 14,000 gallons! 

The 1.25 Gallon Per Minute Showerhead is pressure compensating, so while it uses 50% less water than the average showerhead, it comes out of the showerhead with the same force. $6 cuts your showering costs in half, saving your family up to 7,000 gallons of water a year!

The Navy Shower On/Off Valve is a genius device. After getting your hair wet, flip the switch to decrease the flow of water while you soap and lather, then flip the switch again to return the flow to full volume. It's hard to estimate how much water this device saves, but in the fight for sustainable water use, every gallon counts.

All together, the average American uses between 70 and 300 gallons of water a day. We can begin to reduce that number and take better care of our planet.

GASAN partners with Greccio Housing April 03 2013

Today, Give a Shit about Nature donated 216 .5 Gallon Per Minute faucet aerators to Greccio Housing, a nonprofit agency established to provide affordable rental housing for low to moderate income residents of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In Colorado Springs, where Give a Shit about Nature is headquartered, Stage II water restrictions went into effect on April 1st. This not only restricts the days and times citizens can water outdoors, but it also comes with an increase in the cost of water. In a slow to recover economy, an increase in the utility bill of a low income family can have profound effects. GASAN donated these aerators to Greccio to drive down the cost of water for their clients, which will assist their financial stability now and in the future.

It is difficult to estimate exactly, but this donation should conserve roughly 750,000 gallons of water a year, translating to $2,000 saved annually for Greccio and their clients.

Not only do I plant trees for every order I receive, but I will continue to do my best to promote sustainability in my community, as well as communities across the globe. Consider buying a shirt or a showerhead to help me continue this kind of work.

1,000 trees! October 15 2012

I'm pleased to announce that we have passed the 1,000 tree mark! It feels good to be a part of this, doesn't it?